A leading expert on H.264 encoding for live and on-demand production, and as contributing editor to Streaming Media Magazine, has tested most cloud, enterprise and desktop encoding tools, worked with most online video platforms (OVPs) and live streaming services, and many webcast platforms.

Test Drive: Intel Nehalem, Part 2

Welcome back to our presentation of how HP’s new Intel Nehalem-based workstations compare to older workstations when rendering from Adobe Creative Suite 4 (CS4). Briefly, in the last installment, I detailed the tests that I performed, and discussed the results for DV and HDV source materials. This time out, I present the results for DVCPRO HD, AVCHD, and Red…

Marketing with Video

In April, 2009, I gave a half day seminar before the Greater
Wisconsin Chapter of the Media Communications Associates,
International. I spent the fourth hour describing how video is being
used by
organizations to market their products and