September, 2021

  • 8 September

    What are QoS and QoE?

    Figure 1. How QoE and QoS interrelate. From here.

    Companies distribute videos for a myriad of reasons; sometimes as the product, sometimes to sell or market another product, sometimes for training or communications. Whatever the motivation or business model, your videos are most effective when the viewing experience is favorable. Factors like slow start times, buffering, poor-quality videos and …

August, 2021

  • 6 August

    AVQT Compared to VMAF and SSIMPLUS

    Author’s note: After completing this long and arduous post, Apple sent a note that I was interpolating their scores incorrectly, leading to more analysis shown as an addendum below.  What: This article compares Apple’s AVQT metric to VMAF and SSIMWAVE’s SSIMPLUS metrics, with very limited subjective testing from The …

July, 2021

  • 27 July

    Testing Video Quality With Apple AVQT

    In the first article in this series, Baby Steps with Apple’s Advanced Video Quality Tool and Quality Metric, I detailed what Apple’s Advanced Video Quality Tool (AVQT) is and how to use it. In this article, I tested multiple video files with Apple AVQT and describe my user experience. In …

  • 8 July

    Baby Steps with Apple’s Advanced Video Quality Tool and Quality Metric

    I’m adding some lessons that identify and describe the operation of Mac video utilities to the online course Streaming Media 101 and took this as an opportunity to have a look at Apple’s Advanced Video Quality Tool  (AVQT) which launched at the company’s 2021 World Wide Developers Conference. I’m making …

May, 2021

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August, 2020

  • 21 August

    Introducing ITU-T Metrics P.1203 and P.1204

    While standards-based video codecs like H.264 and HEVC tend to dominate, standards-based video quality metrics have never risen to the same usage or attention level. With two innovative and highly accurate metrics now available from the ITU-T, this may change in the near term. Briefly, these models are: ITU-T Rec. …

July, 2020