What is MV-HEVC

Multiview High Efficiency Video Coding (MV-HEVC) is an advanced video compression standard that extends the capabilities of High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265. MV-HEVC is designed to efficiently encode multiple views or perspectives of a scene within a single video stream, making it particularly useful for 3D video content. This technology allows for stereoscopic effects, giving the …

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Deep Thoughts on AI Codecs and Encoders

This post focuses on AI in preprocessing and encoding products. I’ll examine two aspects: how to consider AI in encoding performance and how to consider AI in the user interface and operation. I’ll conclude by discussing where I see AI going in codec development over the next few years. For perspective, I recently spoke with more than twenty companies for …

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Beyond the Hype: A Critical Look at AI in Video Streaming

I recently presented at Dan Rayburn’s Streaming Summit at NAB 2024. The topic was Beyond the Hype: A Critical Look at AI in Video Streaming. Here’s the description: Artificial intelligence has become a buzzword in all technologies, including streaming video, with the promise of revolutionizing how we create, compress, and watch videos. However, it’s crucial to separate the hype from reality. In this session, Jan Ozer from …

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Enhancing Video Quality with Super-Resolution

Super-resolution techniques scale low-resolution videos to higher resolutions at high quality, and any video publisher with older, low-resolution footage should be aware of them. This article provides an overview of what super-resolution is, how it works, where to get it, and its limitations.  Introduction to Super-Resolution As stated, super-resolution describes techniques used to scale lower resolutions to higher resolutions at …

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Simplifying Streaming Workflows with Norsk: An Interview with Dom Robinson

I recently spoke with Dom Robinson, co-founder and Chief Business Development Officer of id3as, to discuss id3as’ flagship product, Norsk, and its suitability for OTT and streaming publishers. Here’s a video of the conversation and a summary of the contents. Video 1: The complete interview. Existing Technologies and Pain Points Dom started by identifying the categories included in the streaming …

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The Business Case for Norsk: Interview with id3as CMO Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen

Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, id3as CMO

I recently spoke with Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, the Chief Marketing Officer at id3as, about their flagship product, Norsk. In our discussion, Eric detailed Norsk’s functionalities, how it operates, and its distinct advantages for media publishers and broadcasters at scale. Below is the video of our conversation, accompanied by a summary of the key points we touched on.  Video 1: The …

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The Quality Cost of Low-Latency Transcoding

Figure shows the different components to live streaming latency.

While low-latency transcoding sounds desirable, low-latency transcode settings can reduce quality and may not noticeably impact latency. Reducing latency has been a major focus for many live producers, and appropriately so, particularly for events that viewers can watch via other media, like sporting events available through satellite or cable TV. However, it’s important to understand that transcoding latency contributes minimally …

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NAB Session on AI in Video Streaming

Like most encoding professionals, I’ve followed AI-related streaming advancements for the last few years. I’m presenting a session entitled “Beyond the Hype: A Critical Look at AI in Video Streaming” at Dan Rayburn’s Streaming Summit at NAB in Las Vegas on Monday, April 15, from 1:30 PM to 2:00 PM PST (room W110). I will cover ingest to playback, including …

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Common Errors Obscured by Automated Video Quality Assessment

Automated quality testing should include low-frame scoring.

This article discusses five common errors that can be obscured by automated video quality assessment scripts and how to avoid them.  Most video producers use some measure of automated testing in their codec or encoder comparisons or during normal production. While automated testing is essential, it’s easy to make the five following errors if you don’t spot-check your results. The …

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Five Codec-Related Techniques to Cut Bandwidth Costs

Rating techniques that cut bandwidth costs.

The mandate for streaming producers hasn’t changed since we delivered RealVideo streams targeted at 28.8 modems; that is, we must produce the absolute best quality video at the lowest possible bandwidth. With cost control top of mind for many streaming producers, let’s explore five codec-related options to cut bandwidth costs while maintaining quality. For each, I’ll consider the factors summarized …

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