March, 2019

  • 15 March

    Convert a Windows Folder With a One-Line For Loop FFmpeg Command

    I just finished my Produce Videos with FFmpeg course which I recorded with Camtasia, edited in Adobe Premiere Pro, and output in the Adobe Media Encoder (AME). I outputted from AME at about 10 Mbps to ensure quality, but now I’m left with 3 GB of files to upload. I …

  • 8 March

    AV1 Encoding and 4K

    A couple of additional data points on AV1 encoding as follow-ups to my Streaming Media article here. First, a colleague asked about 4K encoding times on Twitter. Second, a reader recommended using the row-mt switch for VP9. So, I encoded a ten-second 4K test file on the same single-CPU ZBook …

  • 4 March

    Good News: AV1 Encoding Times Drop to Near-Reasonable Levels

    When I first tested AV1 encoding back in August 2018 encoding times were glacial and seriously detracted from the potential usability of the codec. Table 1 from that story tells the tale. Unless otherwise indicated, all encoding times are on my HP ZBook notebook powered by a single 2.8 GHz …

  • 4 March

    Installing and Using Netflix VMAF-Master

    I frequently use the VMAF quality metric to analyze encoding parameters and compare codecs. In my experience, VMAF scores tend to match my own subjective quality observations and the fact that Netflix uses it gives the metric great credibility. Originally, there was only one VMAF version, but Netflix has added …

February, 2019

  • 26 February

    The VMAF Phone Model and Saving on Streaming to Mobile Viewers

    I’m writing a blog post on a free Netflix utility called VMAF-Master that you can download here (Windows executable here). Basically, it’s an open-source command line utility for computing VMAF, PSNR, SSIM, and MS SSIM on Linux and Mac computers with some enterprising contributors compiling a Windows version. One very …

  • 25 February

    Reduce Video Message File Size by 34% Without Quality Loss

    According to the last published statistics, in June 2017, Whatsapp users sent over 1 billion video messages a day. This obviously represents only a fraction of the market and daily traffic has certainly has grown since then. At the same time, 4K cameras have become standard and mobile screen resolutions …

  • 25 February

    Recommendation from AMC Networks

    I recently finished a streaming consulting project with AMC Networks and was pleased to receive the following LinkedIn recommendation from their VP of Video Products. It was great working with Greg and his team with the gorgeous content from AMC. Beyond this work with AMC, I’ve helped media companies and …

  • 18 February

    MSU Adds VMAF 4K Model and Data Rate Displays to VQMT Version 11

    Moscow State University’s Video Quality Measurement Tool (VQMT) has been my go-to file analysis tool dating back to 2014 (see my initial review, here, and an update, here). As you can see in this video, version 11 of the tool adds several new features, including support for the VMAF 4K …

November, 2018

  • 18 November

    Demuxed ’18 Highlights: The Future of Codecs and Compression

    Demuxed is the annual conference for video engineers by video engineers. Held on October 17 and 18 in San Francisco, the conference included 31 speakers giving talks in rapid-fire fashion ranging in duration from 10 to 30 minutes. To use a well-worn but appropriate metaphor, the experience is like drinking from …

  • 13 November

    Download Handout: Fine-Tuning Adaptive Group With Objective Quality Metrics

    Here’s the description; download handout below. T101. HOW-TO: Fine-Tuning Your Adaptive Encoding Groups With Objective Quality Metrics Tuesday, November 13: 10:30 a.m. – 11:15 a.m. Choosing the number of streams in an adaptive group and configuring them is usually a subjective, touchy-feely exercise, with no way to really gauge the …