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MPEG LA Forces Huawei to Pay (for H.264 that is)
New Codecs Are Coming; Here’s How to Evaluate Codec Evaluations
Join Me at the Battle of the Codecs Tonight
Playing AV1 in Firefox Nightly


MSU Adds VMAF 4K Model and Data Rate Displays to VQMT Version 11
Demuxed ’18 Highlights: The Future of Codecs and Compression
Download Handout: Fine-Tuning Adaptive Group With Objective Quality Metrics
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W4. Encoding Live & VOD For HEVC/HLS
Download Handout: Encoding 2018: Codecs & Packaging For PCs, Mobile, & OTT/STB/Smart TVs
Apple’s Roger Pantos to Give Kickoff Session at Streaming Media West
Ozer Updates FFmpeg Book
What’s the Optimal Duration for Your Product Video?
Download Handout – Multi-Distribution of Live Video
New Logitech Webcam C922 Makes Huge Difference in Video Quality
Player Testing (Don’t Assume it’s Working Well)



Ozer is a leading expert on H.264 encoding for live and on-demand production, and as contributing editor to Streaming Media Magazine, has tested most cloud, enterprise and desktop encoding tools, worked with most online video platforms (OVPs) and live streaming services, and many webcast platforms.


  • CONSULTING SERVICES We help clients economically and efficiently produce top quality streaming video at the lowest possible data rates.
  • WRITING/PRODUCTION We produce compelling white papers and case studies, and top quality screencam videos.