December, 2019

November, 2019

  • 25 November

    Download Handout from Video Quality Metric Session

    I had a 45-minute session at Streaming Media West 2019 entitled HOW-TO: Fine-Tuning Your Encoding With Objective Quality Metrics You can download the handout here. This version is about 200 MB because it contains three video demonstrations of the SSIMPLUS VOD Monitor and several other videos, but you’ll need Flash …

  • 25 November

    Collection of VMAF Resources

    A colleague asked for some resources relating to VMAF. Rather than answer in an email I thought I would create a post around it. Some of these are from Netflix, most from me (Jan Ozer). I’ve broken the items into three groups; Computing VMAF, Using VMAF, and About VMAF. I hope …

  • 10 November

    Voronoi-based Objective Quality Metrics for Omnidirectional Video

    The Voronoi omnidirectional video metrics have the best correlation between test scores and subjective ratings than all measured 2D and 3D metrics according to its inventors. It’s an open-source metric you can download and learn to use below. I’ll be discussing the Voronoi metric in my upcoming talk on 2D …

  • 10 November

    Compute VMAF Using FFmpeg on Windows

    Author’s note: When this post was written, the Zeranoe FFmpeg Windows download didn’t include VMAF, so you had to either download this version or compile your own. Now the Zeranoe version does include VMAF support; all you need to do is download the models and run the correct command strings. …

October, 2019

  • 30 October

    Preview Lesson: Tuning for Encoding When Measuring with Video Quality Metrics

    I’m pulling together some materials for my pre-conference session at Streaming Media West (November 18-20 in Los Angeles) entitled Objective Quality Metrics 2D & 3D: What They Are, How To Compute Them, & How To Use Them. One lesson talks about “tuning” when encoding files to be measured with metrics …

  • 14 October

    Choosing an x264 Preset

    All codecs and encoding tools have a configuration option that controls the quality/encoding time tradeoff. With x264 (and x265) the preset controls that tradeoff. When choosing a preset you should consider 3 criteria: Overall quality – the overall quality produced by that preset Low frame quality – the quality of …

  • 6 October

    Here’s What I’m Teaching at Streaming Media West Next Month

    Streaming Media West is coming up next month in the City of Los Angeles (as opposed to Huntington Beach where it’s been the last few years). Specifically, it’s at the Westin Bonaventure on November 19-20 (Tuesday/Wednesday) with pre-conference sessions on Monday the 18th. I’ll be my normal busy self with …

  • 4 October

    Creating a Unique Encoding Ladder for Smartphone Viewers

    Many producers distribute the same encoding ladder to all viewers. However, sending a 1080p stream to smartphone viewers may be a waste of bandwidth as both SSIMPLUS and VMAF scores reveal that lower resolution, lower-bandwidth videos deliver similar quality at a lower cost. This tutorial, from my course Computing and …