Lesson of the Week: Computing VMAF with FFmpeg

This lesson teaches you how to compute VMAF with FFmpeg. It includes a download link to a specially compiled version of FFmpeg that can compute VMAF and to a zipped file that contains the batch files and input/output files shown in the lesson.

I’m adding it as a lesson to my course Computing and Using Video Quality Metrics.

If you’re encoding with FFmpeg, this lesson will make it simple to build quality checks right into your encoding strings.¬†Here are separate links.

FFmpeg with VMAF – click here.

Batch file and input/output files – click here.

I hope you find the lesson useful. If you learn better by reading as opposed to watching, here’s an article covering the same content (Compute VMAF Using FFmpeg on Windows).

To Learn More

My course on video quality metrics includes all this and more. If you’d like to learn to compute and use video quality metrics in your encoding practice, click the course image below, or click here.

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