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June, 2022

  • 16 June

    Improve Zoom Video Quality for VOD in Premiere Pro

    If you’re converting a Zoom or other conference recording for VOD distribution, here’s how to improve Zoom video quality in Premiere Pro before uploading Many of us use conferencing systems like Zoom and others to produce interviews that we broadcast live and later on VOD. Often you can’t control the …

October, 2021

  • 21 October

    How to Set Exposure with your Camcorder and DLSR

    how to set exposure

    This tutorial teaches you how to set exposure and white balance on your camcorder and DSLR for live and on-demand video production. This article was derived from a lesson in my Live Streaming Bootcamp course, which teaches you the skills and techniques that optimize the quality of your webinars and …

July, 2021

  • 25 July

    Speech-to-text In Premiere Pro – Fast, Easy, Accurate, and Free

    This video tutorial teaches you how to convert speech-to-text in Premiere Pro. I’ve been using Premiere Pro for more years than I care to think about, and most recent new features, as you’d expect with a mature product, are incremental. This new speech-to-text feature is absolutely an exponential addition that’s …

June, 2021

  • 25 June

    Real-World Bandwidth Savings from VP9, HEVC, and AV1

    This article is about a video lesson that computes the bandwidths savings afforded by the FFmpeg-based implementations of VP9 (libvpx-VP9), H.264 (x264), HEVC (x265), and AV1 (libaom-AV1). The lesson uses the Netflix convex hull analysis to build unique encoding ladders for each test clip and codec and shows why BD-Rate …

May, 2021

April, 2021

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