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Manhattan, NY – February 8, 2010 – Lisa Larson-Kelly and Jan Ozer announce the Streaming Production and Flash Delivery Workshop to be held on March 23, 2010, at the Fashion Institute of Technology on 227 W. 27th Street in New York City. The workshop will feature two tracks, Streaming Production and Flash Delivery, each comprised of two ½ day courses. Early bird pricing is $170 for any ½ day course, or $300 for the full day. For more information or to sign up, visit

The two complementary tracks detail the complete streaming production and delivery workflow, from set design to Flash Media Server setup, from H.264 encoding to Flash Player creation. The instructors are recognized authors, experienced producers and frequent speakers at industry workshops hosted by organizations like and the MCA-I.  Here are details on the two tracks.

Streaming Production Track – Hosted by Jan Ozer

Video Production for Streaming – Students will learn how to optimize set design for streaming, how to set up lighting and connect microphones, how to choose and configure a camcorder and other production techniques for optimizing streaming quality. The course materials, plus checklists and detailed procedures distributed during the course, will enable beginners to shoot high quality streaming video, while helping experienced professionals new to streaming understand the unique issues related to streaming production.

Encoding H.264 Video for Flash, i-Pod/Phone/iPad and Silverlight – Students will learn the performance, quality and compatibility implications of common H.264 encoding parameters, how to produce for Apple’s iPod/iPhone/iPad, how to configure H.264 video for Flash, QuickTime and Silverlight delivery, how to configure video for the optimum quality/playback smoothness on a range of computers (including netbooks), which encoding tools produce the best quality H.264, and how to encode to H.264 format using Apple Compressor, Adobe Media Encoder, Sorenson Squeeze, and Rhozet Carbon Coder.

Flash Delivery Track – Hosted by Lisa Larson-Kelly

Flash Delivery: Flexible Protocols and Custom Player Development Students will learn the pros and cons of progressive delivery, RTMP streaming, and the new adapting streaming solution in Flash Player 10.1, and the options for building custom media players. Next is the Open Source Media Framework, including structure and ActionScript classes, with hands-on examples. Students will walk away with a basic custom player and an understanding of how to use the framework to build both simple no-code players and complex interactive players that leverage analytics, advertising, and social media APIs.

Flash Delivery: Flash Media Server Crash Course Students will learn to deploy streaming media applications that leverage Flash Media Server features like real-time interaction, Dynamic Streaming, DVR functionality and smart buffering. Students will install the Flash Media Development Server on their laptops, set up a live broadcast and custom 2-person videoconference. Students will walk away with real hands-on experience with streaming on the Flash Platform, and an understanding of what is possible with FMS — and how to achieve it.

The Venue:

The Fashion Institute of Technology is located at West 27th Street, between 7th and 8th Avenues. This midtown location is easily reached by every subway, major railroad line, and bus route in the city. Though there are parking garages in the neighborhood, there is no on-campus parking.

The Instructors:

Jan Ozer has produced and encoded video since the CD-ROM days (1992) and has taught courses in video and streaming production since 1994, most recently for the MCA-I and at Streamingmedia seminars in New York, San Jose and London, and for private organizations like Cisco, Lockheed and Johns Hopkins University.

Jan has written or co-authored 14 books on digital video related topics, including the Hands-On Guide to Flash Video: Web Video and Flash Media Server.  A frequent consultant on streaming technology, Jan also shoots, edits and produces DVDs and streaming media for concerts, ballets and other events in southwest Virginia, produces training videos for local artisans and screencam presentations for organizations like Roxio, ProDad, EventDV and ViewCast. Jan’s blog is

Lisa Larson-Kelley has worked with many video-centric start-ups as well as companies like Adobe, Microsoft and L’Oreal. She has authored whitepapers, tutorials and e-seminars for Adobe, editorials and features for Streamingmedia Magazine; and co-authored the book Flash Video for Professionals.

An Adobe Community Professional, Lisa speaks at numerous industry conferences and user groups around the world, and is a founding member of the FlashCodersNY study group. Lisa is currently consulting, teaching, and blogging about Flash video and web development on her blog, — and along with her husband Tom, is raising a healthy, happy daughter (who has an unnatural affinity for all things digital).

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