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Roundtrip Audio Editing Workflow: Adobe Premiere Pro and Audition CS5.5

One of my favorite features in Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 is the return of Adobe Audition. In this tutorial, I detail the round trip editing workflow between Premiere Pro and Audition.

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What's New in the Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5 Video

I produced a video for EventDV on new features in Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5. Here's the official description:

Video production and compression expert Jan Ozer takes a look inside Adobe Media Encoder CS5.5, exploring new features such as new presets and project drag-and-drop from After Effects and Premiere Pro and explaining how to use new features such as Watch folders that make encoding for multiple bitrates more efficient and easier to manage.

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Video - Two Free Video Analysis Tools; MediaInfo and Bitrate Viewer

There are two tools that I have on every computer that will run them; MediaInfo on all my Mac and Windows workstations, and Bitrate Viewer, which is Windows only and is installed on every Windows computer that I own. The first provides file-based information like data rate, resolution, codec, bits per pixel and encoding details like Profile and Level for H.264. The second shows a frame graph of the video file so I can diagnose problems like mid-stream interruptions.

In this video file, you'll learn why you need these programs and where to get them. Click over to the article to watch the tutorial.

Creating a Flash Player in Adobe Flash Catalyst

Adobe Flash Catalyst is my "go-to" tool for creating and uploading simple Flash Players to the web, and if you own Adobe CS5, you already have the tool. Click over to the article to view a short tutorial on how simple it is to create Flash Players with Adobe Flash Catalyst.

H.264 Encoding Tools: Five Popular Encoders Compared

Here's a video tutorial comparing the performance, quality and H.264 controls afforded by Adobe Media Encoder
Apple Compressor, Microsoft Expression Encoder, Sorenson Squeeze and Telestream Episode Pro. In seven minutes, you'll know which tool is fastest, which produces the highest quality and which gives you the most control over H.264 encoding.

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WebM Encoding Tools: Five Popular Encoders Compared

This is a video that I produced for on the subject. Here's the description.

In this video evaluation, Jan Ozer looks at and evaluates five popular WebM encoders:

  • Miro Video Encoder
  • Firefogg
  • Wildform Flix WebM
  • Telestream Episode Pro
  • Sorenson Squeeze 7

You’ll learn why some are quite good and others aren’t worth your time. Ozer shows video samples of each so you can judge for yourself.

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Posting Videos that Play on an iPad

Here's a video that I produced for on the subject. Click over to the article to view.

Case Study - Producing Video Case Studies

kathryn.jpgFirewall vendor WatchGuard Technologies uses video aggressively in their marketing efforts, and produces some of the most focused and highest quality case studies that I've seen, though the presentation of these videos on their web site could definitely be improved. In this "peer review" video, I review their case study of the Burlington Public Library, which you can watch here on YouTube.

I detail what the producers of the video did right production-wise, and what went wrong on their web site. Click the link above to view the video; I hope you find it useful.

Color and Brightness Correction in Final Cut Pro

Of all the skills necessary to successfully edit video, one of the most important is brightness and color correction. To understand how to adjust brightness and color optimally, you have to know how to read a waveform monitor.

In this tutorial, first we'll learn how to enter Final Cut Pro's color correction mode and read the waveform monitor. Then we'll learn how to diagnose and correct a range of brightness and color related problems Using Final cut Pro's Color Corrector effect. Click over to the main article to view the tutorial.

Sorenson Squeeze 6

Sorenson Media recently released Squeeze 6.

If you click to the full article, you can view a screencam that I created for Millimeter magazine. In a couple of weeks, I'll post a written article comparing encoding quality and performance of Squeeze 6 with previous versions and other products in its class.