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First Look: Apple Compressor 4.1

Apple introduced Compressor 4.1 in mid-December. I just spent four days with the tool, and I can’t synthesize the results. All I can offer is a series of observations that will transfer the knowledge that I’ve acquired, and hopefully, allow you to make your own decision about whether to buy or upgrade.

Elemental Cloud: Streaming Media's Comprehensive Hands-On Review

Let’s save us both a lot of time. If you’re looking for the cheapest cloud encoding service for low-volume production quantities, skip to the next article; Elemental Cloud isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re a high-volume producer seeking the ability to acquire secure, dedicated cloud resources capable of fast, high-quality encoding, read on. Ditto if you’re an existing Elemental hardware customer seeking to send overflow jobs to the cloud, or if you’re just interested in learning the differences between platform as a service (PaaS) and software as a service (SaaS), which is the operating schema used by the bulk of cloud providers.

The Future of HEVC: It's Coming, but with Plenty of Questions

Everyone agrees that HEVC is the codec of the future, but an unclear royalty picture and a paucity of compatible devices means widespread adoption is a long way off.

Elemental Cloud: Streaming Media's Comprehensive Hands-On Review

This review is up on the Streaming Media website. Let’s save us both a lot of time. If you’re looking for the cheapest cloud encoding service for low-volume production quantities, skip to the next article; Elemental Cloud isn’t for you. On th...

Video Tutorial: Supporting HTML5 with Flash Fallback in Sorenson Squeeze 9

HTML5 with Flash fallback is a great option for websites who need a simple way to create videos that play on desktops and mobile devices. If you’re looking to use HTML5 with Flash fallback, Sorenson Squeeze 9 offers a simple high-quality solution. Squeeze 9 comes in multiple versions, and they’re reasonable upgrades from previous versions. In looking at Squeeze 9, key new features include streamlined workload, pre- and post-roll stitching (which makes it easy to add custom messages to the beginning and end of your videos), closed-captioning support, and optimize for HTML5, which is the feature we’re going to explore in this tutorial.

Free Webinar: Distributing to Desktops and Mobile Devices via HTML5

HTML5 an inexpensive, easy-to-implement technology for distributing video to desktop and mobile viewers, particularly if you incorporate Flash fallback, so older computers without HTML5-compatible browsers can still play the video.  If you'd li...

Free Webinar: Setting Bitrate Control and Keyframe Parameters

Thursday September 26, 2013; 2:00-2:30 PM EST Who this free seminar is for: No matter which encoding tool you use, or which compression technology, you have two decisions to make; bitrate control method and key frame interval, both of which can dra...

Telestream Helps Launch Open Source x265/HEVC Project

This week, Telestream announced the availability of an open source H.265 (HEVC) encoder, co-founded and managed by MulticoreWare Inc. I had a chance to speak with Telestream CTO Shawn Carnahan about the venture.

Choosing a Cloud Encoder-Video and Handouts

Click to the main article to download the handouts from this session and to view a video of the session. Here's the description.

Cloud encoding has benefits like reduced CAPEX and instant scalability, but also some downsides. Jan Ozer discusses the types of encoding applications that suit cloud encoding, using case studies of companies who have switched. He covers considerations when choosing a cloud encoder, including qualitative and performance results from recent reviews.

New FFmpeg resource (and some old ones)

I'm allergic to command-line encoders like FFmpeg, so the Streaming Learning Center blog has very little to offer folks using this encoder when it comes to techniques and command line arguments. I just learned about a new blog entitled ReneVolution w...