Choosing production tools

Test Drive: Apple Mac Pro, Part 1

906MIL_RevMacPro_display.jpgWhen some people get a powerful new computer, they want to produce a new video, play games, or show it off to their friends. I just want to run as many tests as possible to analyze its performance, which I guess means that I’m well suited for this portion of my job description.

CS4 and 64-bit Systems

This article describes the advantages of a 64-bit operating system when running Adobe CS4, and tests CS4 performance with different RAM configurations. If you're producing HD video with CS4 running a 32-bit OS and feeling frustrated by slow performance, this article will tell you why and how to fix it.

Mac OS - Escape from Freedom

Certainly the most memorable computer commercial of all time was Apple's 1984 Super Bowl advertisement, with slack-jawed drones watching an Orwellian speaker on a huge screen smashed with a hammer flung by an admirably athletic young woman. The advertisement, directed by Ridley Scott of Blade Runner fame, railed against "unification of thought," and promised that the Macintosh would prevent 1984 from becoming like 1984