FCPX vs. Premiere Pro CS5.5 for Final Cut Pro 7 Editors

Though Final Cut Pro X is billed as an upgrade, it's really a totally new program in most respects. New interface to learn, new plug-ins, new project files, no looking back for Apple. So if you're a Final Cut Pro 7 editor, you have to choose a new editor.

The two most logical choices are FCPX and Adobe CS 5.5, which I compare in this article. Interestingly, Premiere Pro shares a common interface with FCP 7, can load FCP 7 projects and runs most of the same plug-ins. Heck, Premiere Pro is a more natural upgrade to FCP 7 than FCPX!

Think not? Read my analysis here.

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Said this on 07/22/2011 At 09:27 am

Good post Jan- Unfortunately, we've made significant investments in FCP and Final Cut Server, both of which have been effectively killed for us (in addition to several other pro products that have been axed over the years).  I'm sure at some point FCP X will eventually get back many of the features that we've come to rely on, but it's become clear to us that Apple is not really interested in the Pro market.  We can't continue to invest in a company that shows no signs of being serious about professional video.  So, Premiere Pro looks to be our choice going forward as well.  We'll have to find a whole new asset management solution as well. Bummer.

Said this on 07/22/2011 At 02:05 pm
I hear you, it is a bummer. I really wish Apple could have found a way to support the pro segment that was exceptionally important to Apple's success when they were teetering way back when. But, FCPX clearly ain't it.

Thanks for posting.

Said this on 08/12/2011 At 10:49 pm

Hi Jan!

Thank you for this insightful article. I produce corporate films & documentaries. And I was looking at choosing an NLE and I was in a dilemma to choose between FCPX & Pr Pro 5.5. I guess I am quite clearer now after reading your article. I may need your help once I start using Pr Pro.

Thanks & regards


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