H.264 Presentations from Streaming Media Europe

I gave two presentations at Streaming Media Europe last week, one a three hour presentation on producing H.264 for Flash, Silverlight, QuickTime and HTML5, the other a 30 minute short course on producing H.264. Both presentations are attached hereto.

Here's the agenda from the longer presentation.

Most notable are new performance stats that I collected for H.264 playback on files ranging from 320x240 to 720p on several older and less powerful computers, Mac and Windows, with a netbook thrown in for good measure. If you're concerned that your H.264 files may not play on some of your target platforms, it's a great resource. I also collected new stats on the video configurations used by major media and corporate sites in Europe and the US - if you're rethinking your video configuration, you'll find this information very useful.

Also interesting is the quality produced by Episode 6, which now uses the MainConcept codec. I compared that to Squeeze, x264 and (gulp) Apple with frame captures in the PDF file. If you're producing H.264 with Compressor, you're in for a shock. If you're using Episode 5.x for H.264 production, upgrade to version 6.0 now (do not pass go, do not collect $200).

Here's the agenda from the short course. Pretty much everything that's in the short course is in the long course, so the only reason to download it is if you were in the audience and wanted to see the slides.



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