Encoding H.264 Video for Streaming and Progressive Download - Presentation

Here's the description of the presentation that I just gave at StreamingMedia West. You can download the PDF below. Enjoy!

This seminar focuses on producing H.264 video  for streaming or progressive download. It starts with a deep look at key H.264 encoding parameters like B-frames, profiles, and levels and how to customize encoding parameters for distributing via QuickTime and Flash. After detailing how to operate the H.264-related encoding  parameters in tools from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft, Sorenson, and  Telestream, it then provides a brief overview of the respective quality output of these tools. Learn how your encoding tool compares in terms of quality and configurability, as well as how to configure  your encoding tool for maximum H.264 quality.


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Said this on 11-6-2010 At 09:47 am

Jan thanks for sharing the PDF, great stuff, I wish I attended this presentation.


Jan Ozer
Said this on 11-6-2010 At 02:40 pm

Glad you found it useful, thanks for stopping by and leaving a note.


Said this on 11-22-2010 At 08:49 pm


I am hoping someone might be able to shed some light on a problem I am having. I am streaming video off of a FMS. I am encoding my video in Squeeze 6.5. The settings in squeeze are for CBR 2-pass bitrate @ 1200,800,400 for dynamic streaming. / ON2 Vp6 Pro and Fraunhofer MP3 128k ,44100 sereo 16 bit for the audio. I have some people with dell computers with very low audio and it appears that on windows machines lower audio than on a mac. Also have reposrted no audio on 1 windows machine all together. Has anyone ever had any problems with the audio only on windows machines?

Said this on 11-23-2010 At 02:07 pm

Hey Scott:

I would post this question in the Advanced Streaming Media Forum, here:


Sorry I can't be more helpful.


Said this on 2-7-2011 At 02:41 am

Hello Jan:

This is an Excellent paper on h.264 CODEC performance tuning and subjective evaluation.

Thanks for sharing it.



Said this on 2-7-2011 At 10:35 am


Thanks for taking the time to comment - I'm glad that you found it useful.



Said this on 2-29-2012 At 12:50 am

jan,thanks for you! I use the FlexBuilder3.5 to develop a apllication for live video. But the video quality is very badly! I thank,if I can use the H264 encode may be much better.But I can't find the document for live video to use the H264, can you help me?

Said this on 2-29-2012 At 02:17 pm


Thanks for your note. Which program are you trying to use to encode the video? Please let me know and perhaps I can help.


Said this on 9-5-2013 At 04:01 am
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