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Encoding for iBooks Author Webinar: Download Free Proof of Concept iBook

ibookcover.pngIn my upcoming webinar, Encoding for iBooks Author (register here), I claim that "by the lessons learned in this webinar, you’ll be able to include more minutes of videos in your iBooks, or the same number of minutes in a much smaller footprint." To prove the concept, I created an iBook with seven video files that you can freely download here. By practicing the techniques I'll demonstrate during the webinar, the seven files I produced (195 MB total) were about 400 MB smaller than those produced by iBooks Author (591 MB), with no visual difference. Click here to see the article with the complete analysis. Click here to download the free 800 MB iBook. 

Tutorial: Adaptive Streaming to Desktops and Mobile via HLS: No Coding Required

Adaptive streaming is the best technique for delivering video to viewers watching on a diverse range of platforms and connections. But implementing adaptive streaming has traditionally been complicated and expensive. Not any more.

In this webinar, now available on-demand, you'll learn how to deliver to desktops and mobile devices using Apple's HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for a total investment of under $1,000, far less, if you already own the necessary encoder. And if you can embed a YouTube video in a web page, you have the technical expertise necessary to make this happen.

Tutorial: Sorenson Squeeze

Sorenson Squeeze offers great single- and multiple-file encoding performance, excellent quality, and a range of features that other encoders in its class simply can't match. Here's a look at how Squeeze works and how to leverage some of its key features.

How to Embed the JW Player into a Webpage

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to add the JW Player to your website, enabling adaptive streaming via HTTP Live Streaming to iOS devices and Flash enabled computers. Basically, if you know how to embed a YouTube video into your website, you can do the same with JW Player.

Tutorial: Creating HLS Files in Sorenson Squeeze: Easy Peasy!

Apple's HTTP Live Streaming is the most widely used adaptive streaming technology today because it can play on all three screens; desktop, mobile and OTT. As you'll learn in the tutorial below, producing streams for Apple's HTTP Live Streaming is easy peasy with Sorenson Squeeze.

MPEG LA Announces HEVC Licensing; Annual Max Royalty Quadruples to $25M

Just got the press release; No content royalties (H.264 had them for subscriptions and PPV) and max annual royalty quadrupled (more or less) from $6.5 million to $25 million to start.

Here's the pasted bit from the press release: full release attached below.

Decoder-Encoder Manufacturer Sublicenses

• HEVC products sold by a legal entity to end users
   - 0 – 100,000 units/year = no royalty (available to one legal entity in an affiliated group)
   - US $0.20 per unit after first 100,000 units each year
   - Maximum annual royalty payable by an enterprise (company and greater than 50% owned subsidiaries): initially starts at $25M (H.264 was $6.5 million)
• Includes right to make, use and sell
• Royalties are payable for HEVC products from May 1, 2013 forward


• No separate royalties for HEVC content
• Vendors of semiconductor chips or other products that contain an HEVC encoder and/or decoder may pay HEVC royalties on behalf of their customer who is a licensee

Distributing Adaptive to Android: Problems and Solutions

android sick.pngMost streaming producers are aware that distributing adaptive streams to Android is kind of mess; in this short article I wanted to summarize the problem and introduce some solutions. I’m an encoder, not a coder, so most of this is borrowed from other, more technical sources, but it’s important enough that I wanted to get it on my own blog.

In Defense of Blu-ray

nc13_selfie small.jpgI know Blu-ray is supposed to be dead, but that doesn't mean it's no longer useful. With all this focus on web video, we sometimes forget that optical disc formats may be the best way to affordably and safely deliver video to paying customers. If you're shooting in HD, Blu-ray can often times make a huge difference. Click over to the main article to see how Blu-ray quality compares to DVD and the original HD footage.

Applying Effects to a Portion of a Image with Adobe Premiere Pro’s Track Matte Effect

ppccvqs.pngThis is a tutorial I produced for Streaming Media Producer. Here's the description.

This tutorial demonstrates how to apply an effect to a portion of a video image while leaving the rest of the clip untouched, and how to track that portion of the image throughout the duration of the clip, using the Track Matte effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

For more good stuff on Premiere Pro, check out my book, the Visual QuickStart Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro CC by clicking on the figure.

Preview: Telestream Wirecast 5

Here's a quick video look at Telestream Wirecast 5. I wrote a review that will appear in Streaming Media Magazine, and produced this rough video as part of my testing.

There's some text description of the update at the StreamingMedia site, so check that out for more info about the new program. Here's the compelling intro:

With Wirecast 5, Telestream has significantly improved usability with a redesigned interface, beneficially expanded the product’s input capabilities, and upgraded the product’s plumbing with features like x.264 encoding and HD-SDI output via Blackmagic Design Intensity or DeckLink cards. All told, these improvements make the $129 upgrade price ($295 for the Pro version) a no-brainer decision, and strengthen the product’s value proposition vis a vis other software and hardware production switching tools.

Irresistible, eh? For more, check out the article.

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