Encoding in the Cloud

As streaming media enters its second decade, it’s not all that often
that we get to explore a totally new topic. But now we do, as I
recently took my first look at cloud encoding. What is cloud encoding?
At a high level, it’s an intern

H.264 for the Newbie

A comment on one of my posts inspired this collection of H.264
resources for the Newbie. If you learn best by reading, check out Producing H.264 Video for Flash: An Overview, which is a general article that covers why H.264 is the “it” codec and the

Review: Kulabyte XStream Live 2.1

If you’re producing a live streaming event, you have three choices when it comes to encoding: You can hire out the work, buy a streaming appliance, or build your own streaming encoder. If you choose the third approach and want to stream HD H.264 video via Flash, Kulabyte’s XStream Live 2.1 Flash video encoder needs…