Secure streaming, digital watermarking and Content ID

It’s frustrating when you get an email from a reader that you don’t know the answer to. Here’s one from an overseas streamer who is releasing very topical videos on their site, and despite using RTMPE+ token authorization, suffered massive piracy. Here are the questions, which I only partially responded to.

I am looking for suggestions before and after the attack.

– Can you please recommend the most secure way I could stream my movies ? We are currently using RTMPE + token authentication
– Is there a good dynamic video watermarking software available, we would like to watermark each user to track down the source
– post piracy, do you know any measures that we could take – Is there a easy way to track all websites that have our video rip (trail) ?

Here’s how I responded. Hopefully, some readers will find this of value, and if you know more about these issues, please tell us what you know in a comment.

Unfortunately, beyond the buzzwords, I don’t know security that well. I do know that every major movie in the US gets pirated within days of its release, so I don’t think there’s a totally secure distribution mechanism.

Everything I know about watermarking is contained in this Rhozet whitepaper. I met with them when they introduced the product, but don’t know how far they’ve taken it. See page 12 for a list of technologies.

Regarding tracking down pirated copies, YouTube has a techology called contentID that you can read about here. I’m not sure how that would work outside the YouTube environment.

Interesting article on content ID here.

Again, sorry that I can’t be more helpful.

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