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Tutorial: Producing Live-Streamed Events with the Roland V-02HD MK II

I recently had the opportunity to test Roland’s V-02HD MK II video mixer. Though the unit only has two inputs, you can switch between them with optional foot control, making it ideal for simple self-produced productions. Here’s the Roland explainer video.

After working with the unit, I wrote a tutorial on how to use the mixer for a self-produced production. Below is the pithy intro, and here’s a link to the article.

There’s a first time for everything, and occasionally a useful thing for your first time. If you’re about to produce your first live event with a video mixer, this article is your useful thing. I’ll detail how to plan, configure, and produce a live event using Roland’s two-input HDMI mixer, the V-O2HD MK II. I’ll cover the high-level planning and execution issues generically, but show configuration options using the V-02HD. So long as you’re using a similar entry-level system, you’ll find the discussion useful.

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