Epub Version of Video Compression for Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5 now UNavailable



I just got this notice from Lulu.

Upon closer inspection of your work, our Quality Review specialists found that your book does not meet the eBook Retail Distribution Guidelines.

REASON: Your ebook has been rejected for formatting issues. The images and/or text in your file are blurry or not formatted properly., Your ebook (cover, description or content) cannot contain links to other sites, products or upsell of other items. Conversion software links are not acceptable., Your ebook has been rejected for missing, incomplete, unreadable, or inaccurate Table of Contents. The NCX must be accurate.

Working on it, sorry for any inconvenience.


I’m pleased to announce that an ePub version of my new book, Video Compression for Adobe Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5, is now available.

To be clear, this version is available on Lulu.com, and is an ePub version that will NOT play on an iPad, though it will play on Windows, Mac and some Sony readers. Through Lulu, I have applied for sale on the iBookstore and if and when Apple gets around to offering the book, that version will play on the iPad and presumably other iDevices. I’ll blog/tweet when that version is available as well.

Why won’t this version play on the iPad? Because I elected to use the Adobe Digital Editions DRM so the ePub file can’t be distributed freely. I’m sure I’ve delayed a pirated version by … oh, about 15 more minutes, but after you spend months writing a book, it’s easy to get paranoid about piracy.

So, digital is here, iDevice is coming. In the meantime, this is my first ePub, and Lulu makes it pretty easy to update your file after submission. So, if you spot any egregious errors, let me know.

And, to close the loop, I’m not doing a Kindle version. Amazon’s royalty split is awful if you’re out of the pulp fiction range, so it’s not worthwhile.


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