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Apple Makes Sweeping Changes to HLS Encoding Recommendations

N2224 has long been considered the Rosetta Stone of ABR encoding (image courtesy of Beamr). Apple TN2224 was originally posted in March 2010 to provide direction for streaming producers encoding for delivery to iOS devices via HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Because the document was so comprehensive and well thought out, and …

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A Thunderbolt Primer

The Thunderbolt port on a MacPro lets it function as a highly capable live streaming system. Thunderbolt can be a very useful expansion option for streaming and other video production, particularly if you are producing on a Mac workstation or laptop.

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Review: Sennheiser AVX Wireless System

The AVX wireless system. I recently had a chance to test the Sennheiser AVX wireless sound system, using the handheld microphone. I have to say, it’s the best sounding microphone system I’ve ever tested. You can read my review of the system here, and check out a video and listen …

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Choosing a Streaming Appliance

In the market for a streaming appliance? In this article that just posted on streamingmedia.com, I review the factors to consider when choosing a live streaming appliance with a budget of around $10,000. The base requirements for the systems I discus

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Buyer’s Guide to Live Video Encoders 2015

My article, a Buyer’s Guide to Live Video Encoders 2015, just appeared on StreamingMedia.com. Here’s the intro graph that covers what’s covered.  Congratulations, you’re buying a live encoder. In 2014, Ooyala released survey results showing that live videos are watched, on average, 11 times longer than VOD videos. So taking …

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