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Take the Bitmovin Video Developer Survey

Contribute to the one of the most valuable sources of industry data by completing the Bitmovin Video Developer Survey. 

One of the most important information sources that I’ve come to rely upon is the Bitmovin Video Developer Report (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017). I’ve covered it for Streaming Media multiple times (see here) and refer to its findings frequently in my writing and consulting work (see here, here, and here). Last year’s report delivered the surprising revelation that 41% of respondents encoded with open-source tools. Other survey questions track codec and format usage, workflow techniques like dynamic and static packaging, practices related to advertising and DRM, and many other topics.

41% of respondents to the Bitmovin Video Developer Report used open source encoders

If you currently work in the video encoding and delivery ecosystem, you should complete the survey and contribute to a very valuable industry resource (and maybe win a $500 Amazon gift card).

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