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Buyer’s Guide to Webcasting Platforms 2016

Viewed from a distance, most webcast providers look pretty similar; they all let you create a registration page, collect contact info for your registrants, and serve attendees a diet of PowerPoint and talking-head video, spiced with quizzes, surveys,

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Delivering a Useful Webinar Without Giving Away the Farm

Another webinar, another few lessons. Probably most important is the hard lesson facing many content developers who want to present a webinar for lead generation, but don’t want to give away their critical content during the webinar. It’s a pretty tough balance sometimes, how to give away enough information to …

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How to Keep Enterprise Video Safe and Secure…Most of the Time

You’re the tech guy or gal for a medium-sized company, and the CEO just told you she wants to start using an online video platform to distribute video around the enterprise. Live all-hands-on-deck meetings, converted to VOD for those who can’t make it live, plus product demos, some training, a …

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Royalties on DASH? Say it Isn’t So!

Just a quick note regarding an article in Streaming Media Magazine that you should read entitled, An Unhappy Surprise: MPEG LA Is Forming a Patent Pool for DASH. As the article details, we’ve known for a long time that the Dynamic Adaptive Streaming Over HTTP (DASH) standard may include licensable IP. …

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Article and Resources on High Dynamic Range Video

I just finished an article/essay/opinion piece on High Dynamic Range (HDR) video technology for Streaming Media Magazine. The bottom line is that there are so many different standards, that unless you have money to burn, you’re not going to want to buy a set in the short term. Here’s my dramatic …

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Gen X? Millennial? Who’s Who in Streaming Viewing

We all hear and throw around terms like Generation X, Millennials, and Baby Boomers all the time, but what do they really mean? Leave it to accounting firm Deloitte to specify the terms (from their Digital Democracy Survey). Here’s their taxonomy (I know you can read the graphic, this is …

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