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I just finished an article/essay/opinion piece on High Dynamic Range (HDR) video technology for Streaming Media Magazine. The bottom line is that there are so many different standards, that unless you have money to burn, you’re not going to want to buy a set in the short term.

Here’s my dramatic conclusion:

So while the emergence of HDR is undoubtedly good news from a technical perspective, the lack of a standard will make HDR more expensive to implement than it needs to be. Beyond that, the scattered implementation within the CE market guarantees that there will be many more obsolete TVs as the market evolves. When it comes to an HDR TV, informed consumers should assume “CE” means “caveat emptor,” not “consumer electronics.”

Here’s a link to the article, entitled HDR Is Here-But Don’t Rush Out to Buy a New TV Just Yet, here. 

For those looking for additional resources on the subject, here’s a partial list of the articles that I consulted writing the Streaming Media Article. 

HDR Resources

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Don’t Buy That UHD TV: It May Go Obsolete Faster Than You Think, Streaming Media Magazine

CES 2015: The Future Of TV (And Netflix) Is HDR. But No, You Can’t Have It Yet, Huffington Post Tech, UK

BBC Approach to HDR Has Advantages for Broadcasters, Display Daily

Technicolor wants to bring HDR to more TVs, including SDR 4K TVs, 4K News

Dispelling the hype swirling around high dynamic range TV, TechHive

High Dynamic Range Now Available on Amazon Instant Video Exclusively for Prime Members, Amazon Press Release

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M-Go Planning HDR Streaming This Year, TWICE

High Dynamic Range arrives at CES 2015, CNET

Amazon Launches First 4K Ultra HD HDR Streaming Title, HD Guru

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