Wowza VP Chris Knowlton Demos New Streaming Engine User Interface

Wowza Streaming Engine (formerly Wowza Media Server) debuted its new graphical user interface in February, 2014. In the words of Wowza CEO David Stubenvoll:

If you wanted to do iOS streaming in Wowza 3 you had to hand code in three locations, but now, in Wowza Streaming Engine, it’s a radio button. Our intent is to get Wowza into the hands of many more than before, and for people not just to use Streaming Engine but to understand it directly through the UI rather than needing to always refer to the support documents.

I’ve always wanted to test the Wowza Streaming Engine, but I’m not a coder. To get a feel for the new user interface, I asked VP Chris Knowlton for a demo, which he provided last week. We recorded the demo in a Google Hangout, and now it’s live on YouTube. Here it is.