Harmonic CMO Peter Alexander Describes Company’s Cloud Strategy

With gross revenue in the $400 million range ($108 million for Q2 2014), Harmonic Inc. is one of the largest encoding companies on the planet, but they’ve been strangely quiet on the cloud-encoding front. This changed around NAB 2014, when the company announced their cloud strategy, which included their own cloud service, ProMedia Carbon MP, plus partnerships with Encoding.com and Tata.

I wanted to understand how Harmonics envisioned all these fitting together, so I asked for a briefing on the subject. Harmonic was happy to comply, with CMO Peter Alexander answering my cloud-related questions for about 12 minutes. We started talking about the various products and services, how they integrated with Harmonic’s desktop offerings and how they were being used by Harmonic’s customers. At the very end, we discussed the uptake of HEVC.

We recorded the interview via Oovoo, uploaded to YouTube and embedded it for your viewing pleasure below. Sorry about my audio; I was trying out a new microphone and it ran a little hot. Anyway, enjoy!