Harmonic Cloud Encoding Demo

Harmonic went from no cloud encoding offerings to three cloud encoding offerings in a matter of months. In this video, Bryant Maness, product manager for file transcoding, demonstrates all three.

The first allows you to add cloud nodes to your WFS system. If you’re running short of a capacity for a batch job, it’s a great way to temporarily (and affordably) supplement your encoding, QC, packaging, and/or encryption capabilities. It’s scalable as well, up to 50 instances, but you’re in charge of provisioning and managing. You lease the software from Harmonic and pay Amazon for the computing instances.

The second option pushes files to Encoding.com, using the same presets and workflows created for WFS. This is great if you just need to push 1 or 1,000 files to the cloud for encoding (and soon other workflow functions). Encoding.com scales using their own internal algorithms. You can buy the encoding from Harmonic or directly from encoding.com.

The third option is accessing a single running instance of ProMedia Carbon running in the cloud. This is great for smaller jobs; say when you’re away from your system and need to convert a file to or from a particular format. You provision and buy this service directly from the Amazon Marketplace.

Here’s the video.