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Review: Panopto Lecture Capture and Webcasting System

My review of the Panopto Lecture Capture and Webcasting System just published on the Streaming Media website. Here’s a short summary of what I thought. 

Overall, Panopto was very well-conceived, and in general, is very easy to use for both presenter and viewer. One key differentiating feature, however, is the ability to input video from multiple sources, such as a document camera or extra webcam. I found this feature challenging to use both during the presentation and when preparing content for distribution; I explain why near the end of this review.

Here’s my conclusion:

Overall, if you’re considering a learning capture system, you should check Panopto out; the economics of a system that doesn’t require proprietary hardware capture stations is simply too compelling. However, be sure to go into the evaluation with a very well-formed view of the types of presentations you’ll be producing, and determine the precise workflow necessary both during and after the presentation to achieve the desired result.

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