Find Viewers Before You Make a Video

Just got off the phone with Ken Gumbs of Fresh Giants, a video production company in Chicago, who I interviewed for an article I’m writing about branded video for I was struck by the pure wisdom of many of Ken’s comments, in part, I’m sure, because I don’t know much about branded video (but I’m learning), but also because Ken obviously knows a lot about how to conceptualize, produce and distribute branded videos. 

Rather than using a written FAQ, Ken produced a series of videos that answer a range of questions like how much videos cost and how to improve YouTube rankings. After our conversation, I browsed through the videos and started watching one entitled Find Viewers Before You Make a Video, which I’ve embedded below. In it, Ken comments that if you’re looking for videos that your target viewers will find interesting, find the viewer before you create the video.

How? By checking blogs, online magazines and similar sites relevant to your particular subject matter to see which content got the most views, comments, and/or social media interactions. That’s the content that people are interested in, and a unique take or spin on that subject should have a ready audience–it’s like test marketing your video before you even produce it.