TalkPoint Convey Debuts Screencam Help Videos

Two or three years ago, the average cost of a video webcast was around $1,200 – $2,000. Now that services like GoToWebinar start as low as $99/month, established companies are having to adjust both their products and their pricing. I’ve been working with TalkPoint’s new Convey self-service webinar system for my last two webinars, and will review it for Streaming Media magazine in the next few weeks. 

I’ve found the service very richly featured, but also very easy to use, in part because of straightforward design, in part because of screencam help files available for almost every input or configuration option. You see this in the Figure (which you can click to open in full screen in a separate browser window). On the upper left, you click the question mark (?) next to Broadcast Controls, and the screencam on the right opens to explain operation. 


Overall, it’s very easy to simply cut the price on a webcast system. However, when creating a self-service product to augment your high-touch, full service product, as TalkPoint is doing here, you have to make it both affordable and usable; otherwise your customers will get frustrated and your reduced margins will suffer further due to frequent tech support calls. After producing two webinars with the Convey, I can certainly say that TalkPoint has done just that (more on pricing in the review). I can also say that I’ve found the screencams very helpful on many occasions, making them a feature to look for and prioritize when choosing a self-service webcast system.

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