10 Tips for Creating Successful Branded Videos

My article, 10 Tips for Creating Successful Branded Videos, just appeared on Onlinevideo.net. It’s a fun and hot topic these days; launch a business, produce a video that goes viral and laugh your way to the bank. Well, it can happen, because it has, but being realistic is always a good start. That’s tip 1. Here’s the pithy and compelling intro,

Branded videos have proven effective for a variety of products and services in a variety of markets. The big issue, however, is how to create a branded video that will be effective for your product or service in your market. As you’ve already learned or suspected, there is no single formula that works in all instances. However, if you read through the ten tips below, you’ll learn how to set reasonable goals and expectations, and what it takes to produce and distribute a highly-successful branded video.

Here’s another link to the article.

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