On Demand Webinar: Encoding for iBooks Author Now Available

Note: With the June 2014 release of iBooks Author, the procedures discussed here no longer work. Good luck with your iBooks Author encodes.


I held the webinar, Encoding for iBooks Author, on March 25. The webinar, which was sponsored by TalkPoint and used their new self-serving Convey webinar system, went off without a hitch. I’ve attended so many webinars lately that experienced technical issues that success feels worthy of mention.  

The agenda is shown above. First I covered how to input videos into iBooks Author (iBA), and what can happen if you let iBA encode for you; bloated files. You know iBA is re-encoding your files when it takes more than a few moments to optimize the file after insertion. 

I then described how to encode so iBA won’t optimize, and ended up showing how using HandBrake’s CQ mode can drop the size of the files inserted into iBA by up to 93% (with an overall average of 69% savings). You can read about my research and download a sample book here

Click here to watch the webinar. You’ll have to register, but I promise not to spam you. Click here to download the handouts. 

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