Adjusting Brightness and Color in YouTube

I’m pretty good getting the color and brightness right on clips that I upload to YouTube, but sometimes it’s a bit tougher with webinars, especially when they are self produced. I was checking some past webinars produced on YouTube Live for a seminar I’m producing at Streaming Media East 2014 and noticed that my face was way too dark in one webinar–not something the instructor of a “how to produce live events” seminar can let stand. 

I was assessing my options, and wondering if I would need to download the source file, correct the brightness and reupload, which meant losing all my accumulated views. Then I noticed YouTube’s enhancement function and took a look. The brightness adjustment did the trick in nothing flat, and there are also saturation, contrast, stabilization, and other adjustments as you’ll see in the video below. If you don’t like the look of a video you’ve uploaded to YouTube, give them a shot.