New Five Star Review of FFmpeg Book

One frustration of writing books for developers is that they’re not the most prolific group when it comes to writing book reviews (or, well, at least not for my books). So it’s always cause for celebration when a review posts, especially when the review accurately captures the value I was hoping to deliver with the book.

So it was with Matthew White’s five-star review of Learn to Produce Video with FFmpeg in 30 Minutes or Less, where he states “I was looking for a solid introduction to working with FFmpeg to manipulate video content, primarily for streaming, and this book met my needs superbly. In no time I was able to understand the basic switches and to start using FFmpeg to process video content. ”

This is precisely why I wrote the book; not to provide a comprehensive reference, but to get you up and running quickly. So, if that’s your goal, take a look here, where you can buy a print or PDF copy.

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