How to Make the Move to HEVC

Interested in HEVC (H.265)? My article regarding same is now available on the Streaming Media website, here. Here’s the intro to give you an idea about what’s covered. 

While few companies of any kind are actually making money from HEVC (H.265) today, the successor to H.264 will become increasingly important during the next 2–3 years, perhaps even earlier in some markets for some producers. So understanding the current status of the technology and how to encode and potentially deploy HEVC in the near term is very relevant for most streaming media producers. Accordingly, in this article, I’ll review the state of HEVC and take a high-level look at the first generation of HEVC encoders.

Note that this article was written before MPEG LA announced their proposed HEVC royalty structure, which you can read about here and here. You should probably read about the royalty before you read the main article.

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