Flash is Dead Again (Yawn)

So, YouTube finally went HTML5 first with Flash Fallback, triggering another round of Flash is Dead articles. Hey, didn’t Flash die when Apple shipped the iPad without it? I remember reading lots of articles back then telling me it was so. Well, in truth, it’s a lot truer now, but don’t send flowers to Adobe quite yet, as Flash will live on for at least several more years. 

Let’s review the current crop of Flash is dead articles. One of my favorites was in CNET; you can see the headline below. Stephen Shankland, who penned the article, has a very solid grasp of the codec and video standards space, though in this case, I think the headline (which authors seldom write) is a bit energetic. Interestingly, he concludes, “although Flash Player remains widely used, that usage increasingly will be only on sites that aren’t updated to keep up with current technology.” But as the screen grab shows, CNET still uses Flash for their videos. Oops. 


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