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This blog is primarily focused on streaming, but many professional steaming producers also edit, or have someone on their team who edits. For this reason, I wanted to mention that I have written the Adobe Premiere Pro CC Visual QuickStart Guide for Peachpit, and that many readers are finding it a very valuable resource. Specifically, all five reviews on Amazon as of September 29, 2013, have been five-star reviews. Here are some excerpts:

    °     Terrific book and a better way to start learning PPro CC or transition to PPro CC from another editing system. The Adobe Classroom in a Book is good but may take unnecessarily long for those wanting to jump right in. I think I own every book and tutorial on PPro (last 3 versions) and could have tossed most if this book and it’s concise style of writing had existed.

    °     This book is a quick start, but it is also very thorough. It is logically organized and well written, with abundant illustrations to take you through the thorny underbrush of the Premiere Pro interface. If you’re looking for a firsts-rate guide to this fine, but complex program, look no further.

    °     I find these quickstart guides to be extremely helpful when learning a new piece of software. They are always well-organized and clear, much more so than the documentation that comes with the software. This one for Adobe Premiere Pro is no exception. Excellent resource.

    °     My first book that Jan Ozer authored was on Pinnacle 10.0, many years ago. I was absolutely astonished at how easy he made thoroughly learning that program. He has done the very same here (although the learning curve is admittedly somewhat more steep)! And while I also have the excellent, Adobe Creative Team book on the subject, his book provides instant gratification in terms getting the answers you need NOW, which are accompanied by more than ample illustrations! Another bonus is the ability to download the book digitally at no cost for reading on a computer, Kindle or other devices. About the only thing missing is a DVD. But on the other hand, his examples are so complete as to make a DVD virtually superfluous. Bottom line: As far as I’m concerned Ozer continues batting 1000!