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Encoding in the Cloud or On Premise

I was once a skeptic on cloud encoding, but over the last 12 months have become a believer. In my Streaming Media article, The Cloud Vs. On-Premises Encoding Dilemma, I discuss why, discussing three classes of companies. The first should go directly to the cloud. The second should go hybrid, …

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Choosing a Microphone for Webinars

The thing about webinars produced from your desk is that they seem to invite you to use poor quality gear. Yeah, you could setup an external microphone, but that mic on your webcam is just sooo convenient. Or, you think that a $15 lavaliere mic from Amazon will provide the …

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Hey, What Happened to Adobe Encore?

Looking for Adobe Encore on the Creative Cloud? It’s not easy to find. Here’s an intro to a story that I wrote for Streaming Media Producer about Encore’s demise, and how to find it on the Creative Cloud. So, there I was, starting to run some tests on a brand …

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The Adobe Creative Suite is Dead

OK, a bit melodramatic, but today at Adobe Max, the company’s annual creativity conference, Adobe announced that they were killing the suite to sell the Creative Cloud product which is only available via a periodic license. The primary benefit to the user is that updates are incorporated when available, as …

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