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How to Choose an Enterprise Video Encoder

I’ve been spending a lot of time with enterprise encoders lately, these expensive, mythical beasts that input and transcode multiple files complete (in some cases) with quality checks, distribution-ready metadata, and closed captioning. This in

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Handout for Choosing an Enterprise Encoder

Here’s the description. This session will discuss factors to consider when choosing an enterprise video encoding systems from the likes of Digital Rapids, Elemental, Harmonic, Sorenson, and Telestream. Factors incorporated into the analysis will include performance, output quality, quality control options, format support, expansion options, programmability, and other variables. If …

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Elemental Server Review: The One to Beat

Like old-time alchemists who turned base metals into gold, Elemental Technologies, Inc. converts industry-standard CPUs and GPUs into the hottest H.264 on-demand encoding box I’ve tested, with incomparable speed and quality that matches the bes

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HP Introduces World’s First 27-inch All-in-One Workstation

HP Introduces World’s First 27-inch All-in-One Workstation Category-defining HP Z1 workstation allows design professionals to unleash their creativity LAS VEGAS, Feb. 14, 2012 – HP today unveiled the world’s first all-in-one workstation with a 27-inch diagonal display.Designed like no other, the display of the new HP Z1 Workstation snaps open …

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Creating a Perfect Green Screen Overlay in Premiere Pro.

Here’s a video I produced for OnlineVideo.net on using Premiere Pro’s Ultra Key and Garbage Matte. It’s an intro- to mid-level video that applies the effect on three videos of varying complexity. The good news? One video is of a (fully clothed) lovely dancing lady. The bad news? The lady’s …

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