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A Buyer’s Guide to Live Encoders

Choosing a live streaming encoding tool used to be simple: You typically would encode a single stream for delivery to your desktop viewers, and budget was the most important buying criteria. When buying today, of course, you've almost certainly expan

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A Buyer’s Guide to Portable Encoders

Live event streaming while on the road requires an encoder that's as powerful as it is portable. In this Buyer's Guide, I'll detail the categories to consider when buying a portable encoder, along with factors to consider to help identify the best pr

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Choosing an Enterprise Encoder – Europe 2012

Here’s the seminar description: This session will discuss factors to consider when choosing an enterprise video encoding system from the likes of Ateme, MainConcept, Thomson Video Networks, and others. Factors incorporated into the analysis will include performance, output quality, quality control options, format support, expansion options, programmability, and other variables. …

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Encoding for iDevices – Streaming Media Europe

Just finished a seminar on Encoding for iDevices. Here’s the description: This seminar starts by detailing the playback specs for all iDevices, old and new. Then, learn the strategies used by prominent iTunes publishers to serve the complete range of installed iDevices. Next, the seminar switches to cellular wireless delivery, …

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Optimizing Brightness and Contrast in FCPX

The histogram and the waveform in Apple Final Cut Pro X are effective, easy-to-master tools that provide the clear input you need to diagnose and fix the contrast issues in your video simply and intelligently. In this video tutorial, video editing and encoding expert Jan Ozer explains how they work.

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Choosing an Enterprise Encoder

Gave a presentation today to the Adobe Media Server Users group on choosing an enterprise encoder. To view the presentation itself, click here. You can download the 50+ page handout below. Here’s a description of the presentation. This session will discuss factors to consider when choosing enterprise video encoding systems …

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