State of Streaming Spring 2021 Authors Discuss Major Findings

The State of Streaming, Spring 2021 Report, was sponsored by Harmonic, Inc, and details the radical changes that have occurred in streaming production and consumption during the second half of the pandemic. This interview explores key findings from the report with the authors Michelle-Fore Siglin and Tim Siglin, including which job skills and technologies have become more important over the last few months and will continue to be in demand going forward.

Here are the questions covered and the approximate times within the discussion.

00:00 Introduction
01:25 Who took the survey
02:30 Results from schools, arts, and general business
06:00 How webinars were considered
07:15 What technical skills became more important
10:10 How video consumption changed
13:10 What technologies became more important
16:45 How production and consumption will change with waning pandemic
20:10 Predictions for the next survey

You can learn more details about the report in this Streaming Media article, New Report Reveals Radical Changes to Streaming Industry Over the Past Year.

Here’s the description from the report download page.

The streaming media industry finds itself at the intersection of multiple key inflection points. The past 12 months’ growth in consumer content consumption and distribution has been unprecedented, as has the increase in the use of online video for business, education, and worship. The State of Streaming Spring 2021 report offers insights into the following and more:

  • The industry’s expedited move to cloud-based workflows, and the reasons behind it
  • The explosive growth in live and live-linear streaming
  • Top organizational goals among streaming content publishers and distributors
  • The rise of pop-up channels
  • Addressable advertising and FAST channels
  • Meeting the bandwidth challenge


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