DRM and Cloudfront Lessons Added to Wowza Streaming Engine E-learning Course

We’ve added several new lessons to our E-learning course, Getting Up and Running with Wowza Streaming Engine. The advanced new modules include Deploying DRM with the Wowza and BuyDRM’s KeyOS Platform and Configuring a Wowza Origin with Amazon CloudFront Edge Servers.

New lessons include:

• KeyOS MultiPack Wowza Module Set-up and Configuration
• Testing Encryption with A Sample Streaming URL
• Media Player Set-up and Configuration with BuyDRM (KeyOS WebPlay player)
• Testing Playback with Media Player (KeyOS WebPlay player)
• Creating An Amazon CloudFront Distribution
• Creating An Origin on Wowza Streaming Engine
• Testing Playback of Amazon CloudFront with VLC and Safari

With the new updates, the course includes over three hours of video in 75 concise and logical lessons and quizzes that accelerate learning and enhance retention. The course is ideal for those seeking to learn how to install, configure, and effectively deploy the Wowza Streaming Engine. The Wowza course, “Getting Up and Running with Wowza Streaming Engine” costs $199.

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