Finding the Equivalent x264 Commands for FFmpeg

Most of the x264 commands that I use in FFmeg are simple and well documented. Today, I had to duplicate a Handbrake preset that included some obscure x264-specific configuration options like the following:


Cabac, I got, but most of the rest I use the default setting for the selected preset. Since Handbrake was displaying x264 commands which are different than FFmpeg commands, I needed some kind of Rosetta Stone to translate from x264 to FFmpeg.

Fortunately, there is such a resource called the x264 FFmpeg Options Guide. This page goes through many different x264 commands and shows the equivalent FFmpeg command. You can see this for subme below.

Note that not all x264 commands are integrated into FFmpeg and some of the commands on this page are deprecated.

I hunted around to see if there was an x264 equivalent to the -x265-params switch that you use to insert x265 commands into an FFmpeg argument but didn’t find one.

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