YouTube Deploying DASH-Variant to Reduce Mobile Latency

Read an interesting article in CoreAnalysis, a Canadian blog run by Patrick Lopez, who reports that YouTube has been experimenting with multiple technologies to reduce mobile wait time, and is now deploying a DASH-based technology they call Sliced Bread. Here’s the technology description.

YouTube Sliced Bread essentially compares the DASH ABR manifest with the speed and bandwidth that is available at the moment you press play and selects dynamically the closest encoding rate. Adjacent streams segments are being prepped in real time so that any change in bit rate directs a change in encoding bit rate stream dynamically. The sliced bread analogy comes in when you think as pressing play as if ordering a pre sliced loaf of bread. Only instead of getting all slices of the same size, your video player looks at the size of the connection over time and serves you slice by slice, HD 1080, 720, 360… based on what the network can support.

Patrick then reviews some additional techniques Google is experimenting with to reduce mobile latency, including content pre-buffering, and expresses concerns that this “is a perfect example of why a video service designed for the internet, to be viewed on a fixed network can have catastrophic consequences on a mobile network if not correctly adapted.” This is one of many subjects he analyzes in his report “Mobile video monetization and optimization 2014.”

To read the rest of Patrick’s article, click here.

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