Positive Reviews of Udemy Video Compression Course

udemy1.pngThe first reviews of my new video compression course on Udemy are in, and they’re quite positive (of course, otherwise I wouldn’t be blogging about them). 

Travis Roesler, owner of howtofightnow.com, a website that offers self defense courses, rated my Udemy course five stars, and commented:

Jan REALLY helped me out. I can’t even begin to tell you how much time I’ve wasted on exporting using the wrong settings, and how much crappy video I’ve made simply by not understanding the options right in front of my face. Jan breaks down this process so that it’s simple, and you will actually get the high quality and DEVICE COMPATIBLE streaming that you want. I really wish that I had found this stuff earlier in my online video career, but there’s no use crying over spilled milk. I am now happy to be producing incredibly high quality stuff, while remarkably using less data than my old lower quality videos. Truly unbelievable!

Travis is a former MMA fighter who is nothing if not enthusiastic (and I’m certainly not going to disagree with him). Thanks Trav!

Heidi Mclennan, who wanted to learn how to encode for a blog she’s in the process of planning, also rated the course five stars. Here are her thoughts.

I’m new to compressing video, but I needed to learn how to encode and post videos for a blog I am planning to create. This course taught me all the basics, and is a great resource to return to. I am more confident about sharing videos. Thank you.

And thank you Heidi. For more information about the course, click here

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