Wistia: An OVP that Specializes in Video Marketing

wistia.pngOver the last three or four years, the big OVPs–Brightcove, Kaltura and Ooyala–got bigger, and the smaller ones seemed to go away. While some consolidation and/or attrition is expected in every growing market, in the OVP space it felt like there were the haves, and that’s it.

Last year, around this time, I become aware of a small OVP named Wistia in the course of a consulting project. The pricing was good, but Wistia lacked some critical functionality essential for my client, specifically the inability to automate the mass ingest of files and especially metadata from the clients’ existing OVP. Having to manually reupload 2,500+ videos and reenter the associated metadata was a non-starter.

Recently, as I started looking into video marketing, Wistia’s name kept coming to the fore. Features like the ability to create a video site map to enhance video SEO, or integration with email service providers to enable video emails, seemed really useful to businesses looking to leverage their investment in video production. Wistia also focused on teaching their customers not only how to use their service, but how to create videos that would accomplish specific goals.

So I convinced my editors at Onlinevideo.net to let me review the service. The review posted last Friday, and it’s one of the most positive I’ve ever written. As I conclude in the article, “if you’re a business seeking a service to distribute your marketing and sales videos to maximum effect, check out Wistia.”

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