Video Interview: Is Elemental Technologies Turning Into a Software Company

Elemental Technologies has done a great job selling encoding appliances, becoming a force in the high volume H.264 transcoding market over the last few years. So when I saw that Elemental Technologies had released a white paper entitled, Software-Defined Video – a Game Changing Framework for the Video Marketplace, I was curious if this signaled a major strategy change. So, I contacted Elemental, who set up the following interview with Chief Marketing Officer Keith Wymbs. 

I was targeting a 15-minute interview, but it ended up around 23 minutes. Below the video are the questions that I asked and the approximate time I asked them in the video. 

Just so you know, Elemental did not sponsor this video in any way. A conversation with Keith seemed like an efficient way for me to understand the point of the white paper, and once Elemental agreed to set up the chat, it seemed simple enough to record and present it here. Enjoy.