Panasonic UHD Set Doesn’t Play House of Cards (and Other Issues)

Anytime a new codec is released, there are inevitable compatibility issues. Panasonic got bit first when one of their models proved incompatible with Netflix, with no fix available, now or ever. Beyond simple codec incompatibilities, there are several other issues to watch for when buying a UHD set, and some steps you can take to improve its longevity. I detail both in my article entitled, Don’t Buy That UHD TV: It May Go Obsolete Sooner Than You Think, for Streaming Media Magazine. Here’s the intro:

Yesterday Tech Radar reported that Panasonic’s AX800 UHD TV won’t play Netflix 4K, and never will. No technical explanation as to why, but since Netflix is the first major broadcaster using HEVC, it’s a big deal. I wouldn’t want my year-end bonus based on sales of that particular model. I don’t know exactly why the AX800 won’t play Netflix 4K, but I want to discuss a few trends and ways to future-proof your UHD purchase.

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