V-Nova Launches Perseus 2.0

On April 3, 2017, London codec developer V-Nova announced PERSEUS 2.0; you can read the complete release here. I visited V-Nova in March 2016, and wrote an update for Streaming Media that you can read here.

Basically, the press release/announcement makes three key points. First, the codec is tuned for what V-Nova calls key “operating points, including:

  • 100 kbps, the minimum necessary to deliver mobile video to all consumers
  • 300 kbps, for reliable enjoyable HD mobile video experiences
  • 1 Mbps, for monetisable full HD mobile video
  • 2 Mbps, for HD IPTV programming for all xDSL users
  • 6 Mbps, for UHD movie streaming at scale
  • 10 Mbps, for scalable DTH/Cable UHD sports services.”

Second, V-Nova had take steps to integrate the codec into standard encoding/deployment technologies, including HTML5 playback, encoding with FFmpeg, HEVC/VP9 base layers, all “while maintaining full compatibility with the rest of the delivery workflows, such as DRMs, streaming protocols like HLS and DASH, ad-insertion and other processes.”

Finally, V-Nova announced new partnerships with Thaicom and Nokia. Again, you can read the complete release here, and my 2016 review of PERSEUS here.

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