Reviews for Video Compression for Adobe Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5

Some early reviews for my new book, Video Compression for Adobe Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5, have been published, and I wanted to share them here.

One of the first was from Douglas Dixon ( which he published both on his site and on the Amazon book page. Doug is an impressive guy who holds five patents and has written four books of his own. After reviewing the book’s contents, Dixon concluded: “Ozer is great about sharing his expertise and experience in his articles and seminars, and the book goes further to organize and expand what you need to know to make great-looking and efficiently-compressed video. It’s a must-have for people concerned with sharing video to where the audience is, on iDevices and over the Web.”

Craig Seeman wrote another highly detailed review for Ken Stone’s popular Final Cut Pro site. Craig is one of the lead compression experts on Creative Cow, where he dispenses compression-related advice daily. Craig’s conclusion was, “The book is certainly comprehensive, covering the gamut of web compression and delivery. Despite it’s depth it’s not an intimidating read because Ozer has a very down to earth friendly style. The extensive pictures and graphs go a long way towards making the information easy to visualize and understand. I highly recommend it.”

On his Workflowed blog, Tim Siglin commented, “I highly recommend¬†Video Compression for Flash, Apple Devices and HTML5¬†for anyone needing to refine their media compression workflow, as the tips and insights Jan Ozer provides are pertinent to a variety of today’s hottest consumer electronics devices.” As Tim comments in the review, he is a friend and colleague, which I note in the interest of full disclosure.

Lisa Larson-Kelley, who manages to be as cute as her avatar, added on her Learn from Lisa site, “Whether you are a small video producer, a web developer, or a large media company, I highly recommend this book. It has a level of technical detail that is accessible to the beginner, but provides research and recommendations that will enlighten even the most seasoned video pro.” Lisa is a popular author and trainer who I’ve worked with several times in the past, and is also a friend.

There are three reviews up on Amazon, including the one from Dixon. Independent producer Andrew William commented, “If you’re an independent producer like myself who manages and creates 1,000 of videos for clients there really aren’t many places you can turn to for help with staying up to date with this very complex and fast changing field. You owe it to yourself to get a copy of this book and read it. It’s a very current and invaluable resource to have in your studio which you’ll find yourself turning to over and over again.”

And Nico McLane, added “This is new terrain for a lot of us, and everytime I refer back to this reference I am yet again greatful it is on my shelf. I own 2 copies, one I keep at the office and one for home – because who has the bandwidth to memorize EVERYTHING. I am excited to be compressing video now for iThings and thankfully Jan is here to help me find my way…”

And (sigh), Andrew and Nico are professional acquaintances, as well. If you’re looking for totally objective, the first two fit the bill. If you’re looking for additional information from admittedly friendly sources, check out the others.

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